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Article 1. Definition, Status and Mission

The World Urologic Oncology Federation is a benevolent and charitable organization (hereinafter referred to as the "WUOF").

The mission of the WUOF which acts in accordance with its member organizations and through them, is to advance and stimulate education, research, and the highest quality of patient care in the field of urologic oncology.

Article 2. Objectives

In particular the WUOF shall serve to:
  • Act as a medium for deliberation, for exchange of ideas, knowledge, skills and experience, and for compiling and disseminating information;
  • Organize international congresses, conferences, seminars and courses of instruction;
  • Encourage, by all means at its disposal, research into Urologic Cancer as well as measures suitable for their prevention and cure;
  • Facilitate the development and coordination of Uro-Oncology Fellowship training throughout the world
  • Encourage the formation and development of national and regional organizations throughout the world, and assist and stimulate such organizations through the exchange of information;
  • Assist National Member Organizations (NMOs) in establishing and developing programs which will further the attainment of its objective, in co-operation with government agencies and other private and public bodies;
  • Co-operate with other international organizations, both governmental and non-governmental, in advancing the welfare of patients with Urologic Cancers;
  • Establish and maintain such administrative services as may be required to carry out its objectives;
  • Receive, hold administer and use according to the budget any funds received by contributions, bequests or endowments, or the proceeds thereof.

Article 3. National Member Organizations

Membership of the WUOF shall consist of one NMO in each country or region. The NMO shall be the voting member. Accreditation as an NMO shall be decided by the General Assembly of the WUOF based on the criteria set out in the Rules of Procedure.
World Urologic Oncology Federation (WUOF)